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Ducting for Heater Air Outlets - Hitex Ducting


HiTex™ is a highly durable heater duct designed for portable and temporary heating applications, with temperatures up to 350°F. Manufactured with heavy duty but lightweight carbon poly-based fabric, and constructed with steel-wire helix. These ducts also have a steel band on each end with spring tabs that fit most heaters. They are also useful for joining one duct to another.

HiTex™ is the only duct that is manufactured with the unique Tuffguard™ scuff strip, which provides 360° protection around the entire length of the hose, ensuring you replace hoses less often, saving you time and money. Hitex™ is also manufactured with a 6" pitch (not 7", like most other hoses available) which provides 15% more wire support and provides a better bend radius and more protective rings. When required, we are able to accomodate custom diameter, pitch (space between rings), and length.


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