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Baker Hughes HPump SPS




Surface Pumping Systems - Baker Hughes


  • Borehole mining
  • CO2 injection/booster
  • CO2 sequestration
  • Condensate transfer
  • Crude oil boosting/transfer
  • Dust suppression
  • Geothermal
  • Hydraulic power fluid boosting
  • Jet pumping
  • Lean amine circulation
  • Mine dewatering
  • NGL boosting/transfer
  • Offshore facilities fluid handling
  • Pipeline boosting
  • Process fluids transfer
  • Produced water disposal/injection
  • Salt dome leaching
  • Seawater disposal/waterflooding
  • Wash water circulation
  • Water transfer

Improved surface pumping solutions

  • Long-lasting, highly-reliable, environmentally-friendly pumping solutions
  • Baker Hughes' SPS pumping systems provide versatile, low-maintenance alternatives to many high-speed integral geardriven centrifugal (OH6), positive displacement (PD), and vertical-turbine pump (VTP) models

Pre-packaged units

  • Baker Hughes' SPS pumps are available in gas, electric or dieselpowered models
  • Capability to handle up to 2,500 gpm (85,000 BFPD) and discharge pressures up to 6000 psi
  • Delivered to the job site pre-assembled—only requiring suction flange, discharge flange and power hookups
  • The Easily Modified SPS Frame (EMF™) is pre-wired with instrumentation and cabling terminated in a central junction box. This proprietary frame, paired with the versatile design of Baker Hughes' pumps, allows for easy on-site installation and maintenance with minimal site preparation

Trouble-free service

  • Designed for years of trouble-free operation
  • There are no V-belts or packing to service
  • Routine maintenance consists of a quarterly lubricant change and component check
  • SPS units generate little to no vibration-related wear or stress on piping components and they are available with a variety of mechanical seal options (including API 682 seals)
  • The modular design makes SPS units suitable for a wide variety of applications, from routine water injection to mine dewatering and leaching operations

Mine Water Management

  • Mine dewatering is usually undertaken to ensure the stability of mine walls during and after excavation, or to optimize mine production and increase operational efficiencies
  • In many mines, the amount of water that must be pumped exceeds the mines’ water consumption requirements. In this case, a majority of the excess water is discharged to Baker Hughes' surface SPS water pumping systems, reinjected into aquifers, applied to crop land, or piped to power plants

Cavern Leaching

  • There are numerous cavern leaching and/or formation jetting (borehole mining) applications
  • In salt dome leaching processes, Baker Hughes' SPS pumps are frequently used to circulate water, absorbing the salt. A large underground cavern is formed after the salt has been leached and the water is removed
  • Baker Hughes' SPS pumps are also used to re-inject materials such as oil, natural gas, hydrogen gas, or even hazardous waste into the empty caverns for storage


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