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SPARMAT Impact Beds

SPARMAT Shock-Absorbing Impact Beds - Enduride / R. Brunone

The SPARMAT is an impact bed designed to absorb the shock of heavy material falling on the belt at the loading point. Comprising of a galvanized steel chassis, sturdy chains, rubber absorption bars, impact pads, and polyethylene guide rails, this product is the answer for the most abusive applications.


  • Extends conveyor belt lifespan
  • Offers three degrees of freedom:
  1. The flexibility of the belt (due to its position relative to the damping blocks)
  2. The chains' vertical movement when the material falls on the blocks
  3. The flexibility of the lateral rubber absorbers placed under the chains
  • Significantly reduces frequency, duration, and cost of maintenance operations
  • Thanks to SPARMAT's chain system, adjustments can be made easily, quickly and precisely
  • The clamping system allows for adjustment of height and width of the guiding rails thus making it adaptable to most idler heights and discharge chute widths


  • Compatible with new and existing conveyors, adaptable to your production needs:
  1. Bulk size of up to 20’’
  2. Drop height may exceed 6’
  3. Belt speed of up to 600'/min
  4. Available for 24" to 48" wide belts
  5. Available for 44" to 72" wide belt on request


  • A specialized team on conveyor safety
  • On site assessment and measurement
  • Quick estimating procedure
  • Layouts and drawings
  • On site installation, available on request
  • Complicit with most of your local health and safety standards



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