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Draeger PAC 8000

PAC 8000 Gas Detector

Dräger PAC 8000


With the robust Dräger Pac® 8000, you'll be well equipped for tough conditions: this non-disposable, personal single-gas detection device is a reliable and precise instrument, which detects hazardous concentrations of twenty-nine different gases, including special gases like NO2, O3 or COCl2.

The Dräger Pac 8000 performs especially well when detecting a variety of special gases. The Pac 8000 can be fitted with sensors for carbon dioxide (CO2), chlorine gas (Cl2), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), ammonia (NH3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), phosphine (PH3) and organic vapors (OV or OV-A).

Further demonstrating the capabilities of Dräger gas detectors is that the Dräger Pac 8000 performs especially well when detecting other gases. It can detect ozone (O3) from concentrations as low as 0.02 ppm and phosgene (COCl2) from 0.01 ppm. The Pac 8000 detects nitrogen dioxide (NO2) from concentrations as low as 0.04 ppm. ?The Pac 8000 logs concentrations and events along with date and time. The data can be downloaded to a PC via an interface and processed further there.

If the Dräger Pac 8000 measures hazardous gas concentrations, it sets off an audible, visual and noticeable vibrating alarm. Two bright, flashing LEDs on the top and bottom of the device ensure that the alarm is easily visible from all sides. The acoustic signal reaches a volume of 90 dB. The display can show the peak concentration measured at any given moment. Earlier alarms registered can also be retrieved at a later time, even if acknowledged.

  • Temperature range (device) 
    -40°C - 55°C
  • Battery service life 
    2 years (24/7)
  • Air humidity (relative humidity)
    10% to 90%
  • Air pressure (hPa)
    700 - 1300
  • Degree of protection (IP class)
    IP 68
  • Weight
    0.23 lb