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Green Nylon-Like Synthetic Web Slings

Green Nylon-Like Synthetic Web Slings Product Sheet

Nylon-Like Web Slings - Sling-Choker Mfg.

Sling-Choker is committed to remaining on the cutting edge, even when customer satisfaction is at its peak. We are introducing our new "Nylon-Like" web slings (with the same trusted strength) as a testament to this innovative mindset. To improve chemical resistance and flexible versatility, our synthetic fibre blend captures the strongest characteristics of both nylon and polyester web slings.

Assembled and tagged in-house, we have the capacity and reliability to consistently produce the best web sling in Canada. We strongly believe our Nylon-Like products can completely replace any nylon or polyester sling in the field.

Green Nylon-Like Synthetic Web Slings examples

The rigging industry is rooted in our industrial past - great methods and techniques that allowed us to lift virtually everything into place around us. But sometimes even the strongest traditions need to change. Every work site is different, every user unique, and downtime hurts even more now than it ever did.


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